Welcome to my website . My name is Kira and I am a ‘Starseed.’ You will not find this website written in the third person, so as to inflate my importance. I need no tricks, as my work speaks for itself. I’ve been told that much of what I’m doing, is ahead of it’s time. But this comes as no surprise, since I have returned from the Future, to provide us with tools that will help us to transition to a faster vibration, within the field of Light.

It is my mission in life to help all souls who have chosen the ‘Ascension’ path, to prepare themselves energetically to facilitate this process. I do not serve the Ascended Masters, the Angels or Archangels, though my Guardian is Archangel Seraphina. I do not serve the Elohim, or The High Councils of Light, though I channel the Quantum Codes held by their Supercomputers for our Evolution. I serve only our Divine Self. I came here to help to free and empower you, and aid you in embodying your Divine Self . I am here to hold the highest frequency, and to help you to do the same. I am your faithful servant always.

My lineage is that of the Ancient Ones, the ones they called the  Serpent Beings.       “We seeded the Earth some 900,000 years ago, and placed our Divine Seed within you – the Kundalini, which lies at the base of the spine”.

I am here to restore the powers that have been hidden from you, to activate the God Powers that you were given, so you will again have Sovereignty. I incarnated here during the year of the Dragon and released my Kundalini at the age of 30. Gaia moved through the 12.12.12 portal of Light in the year of the Dragon. This is NO COINCIDENCE.  

It is largely due to this lineage, that I am able to access the wisdom and energy of the Dragon Crystals – the powerful crystal consciousness of the Ancient Ones. With their help I am able to bring you the gift of the last 3 levels of Higher Consciousness that Man is able to embody, beginning with the” Christ or Unity Consciousness”. This is being given to us through the “BOOK OF LIFE.”

It is time for you to reign Supreme once again, put the dark past behind you, and step out of the Duality Matrix. If you have found this website, there is a good reason for this.Dragon Please stay tuned, as I am bringing through many different tools for your Re-empowerment.

I am totally dedicated to the Spiritual Path and to bringing the conscious awareness of our true Divinity  to this planet. My keyword is FREEDOM -freedom from our Karmic chains, from the endless cycles of birth and death, freedom from pain and suffering. Whilst I fully realize from a higher perspective that this duality of contrast in our experience has been an energy dynamic for spiritual growth here, this no longer has to be so. We have now reached a spiritual tipping point so that we no longer have to learn our lessons through ‘ pain and suffering ‘, but can now choose to learn through ‘ Love and Joy ‘. Freedom is achieved only through elevating our conscious awareness, which stems from our spiritual growth – a Spiritual Re-birth. The Earth is undergoing this wonderful transition now, and many of us have come along for the ride !

My commitment to the Ascension path as a Starseed, is to help us to tap into our Divine Essence, thereby releasing  our true spiritual gifts.This has led to me being given the Atlantean Silverstar Activation energy and the Orion Star Grids from the Galactic Centre. I have also been given the new exciting Master Gateway Systems, ( which now include Scalar Wave Energy from the Void), for those wishing to attune others to higher frequencies as a part of their spiritual work and ongoing evolution. These tools are designed to give us multidimensional mastery, to improve life here beyond our wildest dreams. WE CAN HAVE AND LIVE OUR DREAMS.

Contact Address: 8, Abbots Close, Humberstone, Leicester LE5 1EH (UK)                                                                                                                                                                  Email Address: kira@atlanteanactivations.co.uk                                                                                                                                                                                                            Tel: 07919867245 or 01162760608